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Age Spots

Age spots are blemishes or lesions caused by increased pigmentation due to sun damage or other sources of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They usually appear on areas exposed to the sun like the face, neck, hands, shoulders, and upper back. Age spots can range in color from grey to black, but they’re usually a shade of brown. Age spots are also referred to as liver spots or sunspots. The medical term for this type of blemish is solar lentigo, lentigine, or actinic keratosis. They’re common among middle-aged and older individuals, which is why they’re called age spots. These blemishes are harmless and can be treated with a variety of methods like skin-bleaching products. You can decrease your risk of age spots by limiting your exposure to the sun and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. You can also protect yourself by covering up with clothing, eyewear, and a hat. Get to know some significant risk factors and causes of age spots.

NRG Microderm Device: Skin Exfoliator

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